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Case of Anxiety


I am in Grade 10 and have my board exams coming up very soon. Lately, I am very anxious and I cannot sleep well at night. I am trying hard to study but cannot study. I get panic attacks with palpitation and sweating. I am very nervous and worried about my board exams. At times, I have nausea and loose motions also. Do you have anything in homeopathy which can relieve my examination tension and symptoms?


Normally, anxiety always has a cause and you are well aware of it. Obviously, continuous anxiety has given you all these symptoms. Although anxiety is an emotional state, it has induced physical symptoms like panic attacks, sweating, nausea and loose motions. Some students can also get headaches, chest pain, stomachache, backache, muscular tension, dizziness, frequent urinating, abnormally deep breathing, and the general tired feeling.

Homeopathic remedy that matches your symptoms can have a relaxing impact on you, by filtering, and lowering the tension and the nervousness.

Homeopathy is a safe holistic system of healing with no side effect even if taken for a long period of time. Homeopaths treat physical, emotional and mental illnesses together because these aspects are interlinked. Therefore, a remedy that is prescribed for the individual patient is not merely for a particular part of the body but is for stimulating a general level of good health in all parts of the body. So when it comes to exam tension and nervousness, homeopathic medicines help in calming the mind down, and allow you focus on the task at hand. Yes, the effect is slow and noticeable and it does give moral unconscious boost.

Homeopathic remedies act as a catalyst that energize or stimulates the body's self healing powers, mobilizing the defense systems and working on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body.

Some homeopathic medicines which can help such conditions are—

Gelsemium, Aggenticum Nitricum, Aconite

Stick to the daily routine --Keep regular times for study, meals, leisure and sleep.

Adopt a positive attitude – Think constructive about sorting your problems rather than focusing on worries.

Keep active and busy ---Spending free time in physical exercise will cheer you up and take mind off all the worries.


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