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Case of Chickungunya


I had gone to India last month and had Chickungunya. My fever went away in 4 days but my joint pains are still there. I have visited the doctor here and they have suggested painkillers. I have already taken painkillers for a month and I do not wish to take them anymore. I have pain in my knee joints, toes, wrists and finger joints. I am stiff in the morning and it is difficult to get out of my bed. The pain increases and decreases but does not go. Do you have any homeopathic medicines which can give me relief?


The disease is caused by Chickungunya virus which is spread to humans by infected Aedes Aegypiti mosquito bites. These mosquitoes are also called Tiger mosquitoes. The symptoms of Chickungunya are high fever, excruciating pain in the joints, and headache. It starts with pain in the knee joints, the wrist joints and then finger joints. The patient cannot stand easily and have lots of pain from even simple movements. There is no evidence of person to person transmission. So far, there is no specific treatment available. Most patients get better after a few days but the pain in the joints can persist for a long time after the other symptoms have disappeared. There is homeopathic medicine which can help the joints pain get better. Homeopathic medicines can help relieve the pain without any side-effects. We also have medicines which can prevent the disease if it is taken before going on holiday to India.


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