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Case of Corns


I have 15 years old son who has many corns on both the soles. It started with one corn and suddenly he has many now. He never complained before but lately he has started complaining as it has started paining. He had put corn caps which helped him reduce pain but it has come back again. Do you have homeopathic medicines for it? If yes, then how long is the treatment?


Corns occur due to pressure and friction from repetitive actions due to the body weight on the weight bearing points of the sole. The skin turns hard and thick and looses sensitivity. Corns usually are painful especially the ones on the soles.

Some causes include::

  • Ill Fitted shoes When shoes are too tight or have heels that are too high, they compress areas of your foot. When they are loose, your foot may repeatedly slide and rub against the shoe.
  • Skipping socks Wearing sandals or shoes without socks can lead to friction.
  • Using hand tools Fingers of the hand in professions like tailoring due to constant friction of the needle, or the gardener who uses tools and may result from repeated pressure of using the tools.

Your son has corns so he has to check his shoe size which may be the reason.

Homeopathy does not suppress symptoms and gives permanent relief in such cases. The treatment is given to correct the root cause. We have medicines which can reduce the pain first and then help reduce the size of the corns and eventually disappear. It can take 2 to 4 months to dissolve the corns depending on the size of the corns.

Commonly used homeopathic medicines are:

Thuja, Calcar flour, Antim crude, Nitric acid Ranunculus bulbulous etc. depending on the symptoms.


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