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Case of Hay Fever


I have been suffering from Hay fever (Allergic cold) for past 10 years. It gives me early morning violent sneezing and runny nose with watery discharge. My eyes also water and itch. Sometimes, it also gives me headaches. When I visit the garden or smell flowers, it aggravates. I am tired of this problem. Will homeopathy help me?


It seems you are allergic to pollens as you start sneezing when you visit the garden or smell flowers. Homeopathic treatment offers significant relief without any side effects. In addition, there is always the possibility of removing the illness by taking some constitutional medicines

Sneezing attacks, nasal discharge or blockage for more than an hour everyday, for a limited period of time or throughout the year, are standard symptoms of hay fever or allergic cold. This sort of allergic cold is also called Rhinitis and is the most common of all allergic diseases.

Nasal irritation, violent sneezing, watery discharge and painful swallowing are other symptoms of hay fever or allergic cold with or without itching of nose, eyes and palate. Sufferers can be allergic to pollen, pollution, car fumes, perfumes, strong smells, mites, deodorants, fragrances, cleansers, spices or simply dust.

Common medicines used for hay fever are:
Natrum mur:--If you sneezing consistently with thin watery colourless discharge that gets worse on going into cold air and exertion. There is a craving for salt.

Allium cepa:--Frequent sneezing, profuse thin discharge from nose corroding lip and nose. It feels better in open air.

Kali Bichromicum:-- It is indicated in chronic cold with rhinitis, first fluent acrid discharge relieved by warmth then stringy discharge and wants to blow nose.


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