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Case of Health-Chest Congestion


Since we have come to Dubai, my daughter Khiara is suffering from recurrent chest congestion. In India, she was keeping well with homeopathic medicines. Now, I am quite scared to give her antibiotics because she looses appetite and becomes weak. Please advice.


It is obvious from your information that your 4 years old daughter Khiara was keeping well with homeopathic medicines back home in India. Since you have come to Dubai, she has been suffering from recurrent chest congestion which is very common in Dubai. This probably is related to the climatic conditions mainly humidity. It is also common for these children to end up with many courses of antibiotics which are normally given suspecting bacterial infections .Lots of time, these are not due to bacterial infection but due to allergies, viral infections and climatic conditions. I do have many children with such conditions and respond well to the homeopathic medicines. Most of these children are initially treated for their acute symptoms.

Commonly used medicines for congestion are – Antim tart, Ipecac, Drosera etc. Once the acute attack settles down, then we aim to treat these children with long term medicines to prevent the early recurrence. They need to be on the constitutional medicines which gradually improve their resistance and help them prevent not only the chest congestion but also other common respiratory tract viral and bacterial infections.


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