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The word migraine, derived from the Greek, means half a skullópain which often occurs in only one side of the head. However, the pattern of migraines is variable, and pain that starts on one side of the head can go on for days. In some, the pain can be so severe that the victim can do nothing but lie in bed. Migraines are considered a hereditary disorder that most commonly occurs in women between the ages of 20 and 40.

Migraines typically last one to three days and then go away, only to return again and again. If you suffer from migraines, your symptoms may be slightly different from those of the next person.

Migraines are caused by arteries that first become narrowed and then swell. Doctors have found out that certain foods or situations will trigger an attack. Cheese, chocolate and alcoholic beverages particularly red wine contain tyramine, a substance that can cause blood vessels to constrict(narrow) , and can reduce the levels of serotonin, a chemical that acts on blood vessels in the body. In some people, eating cheese or pizza can bring on a migraine. In children, the culprit is usually chocolate.

But there are other triggers too. Missing a meal, which can cause blood sugar to dive, can bring on an attack in some people. Environmental factors, such as weather changesóspecifically, a falling barometer and pollution are other causes. Even changes in sleeping or eating habits, travel and stressful events can bring on a migraine in some people. In women, menstrual periods or use of oral contraceptives can be the trigger.

It can be treated with homeopathy. Today, Homeopathy is the second most preferred method of healing in the world. Homeopathic remedies, when diagnosed correctly, can work amazingly fast. The remedies are safe to take for a long period without side effect and will not interfere with the regular medication taken earlier. Homeopathic medicine treats the illness as a whole. It is different from conventional medicines as it attempts to stimulate the body to heal itself. Medicine is prescribed after asking many questions, not only about the symptoms which are bothering an individual, but how they react to the condition, as well as wanting to know about general health and lifestyle.

Some homeopathic Medicines can help the migraine are: Belladona, Sangunaria, Sepia, Silica, pulsatilla, Nux vomica.


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