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Case of Sore Throat


I am in Dubai for 8 years now and for the last 3 years, I have frequent attacks of sore throat with headaches and fever, i.e. 6 to 7 times a year. I cannot eat ice-cream or drink cold water as it results in the same. I have taken a lot of antibiotics but I still keep getting infections. Will Homeopathy help?


Homeopathy is highly scientific, safe and extremely effective method of healing. It is an effective alternate to antibiotics and works wonders in chronic sore throat and tonsillitis. Constitutional medicines can help you build up the resistance so that your body becomes strong enough to fight. It offers long lasting to permanent cure as it treats the disease from its root.

When a layman complains of sore-throat, it means the sufferer has either acute inflammation of pharynx or tonsils.

In pharyngitis, the throat is sore, there is pain on swallowing and the patient has fever most of the time. In tonsillitis, besides piercing pain, it is also associated with difficulty in swallowing. On examination, tonsils are swollen and red. If pus has been formed, it is visible as white or yellow patches on the tonsils. Formation of pus leads to fever, body-ache, throbbing headache and nausea. All the symptoms may not be present at the same time.

These infections can be viral or bacterial in origin. Sometimes, they may be also secondary to allergy to dust, smoke etc.

In majority of the viral infections, antibiotics are not required. Symptomatic relief with the help of gargles with warm salt water and any ant-inflammatory may be used.

Some homeopathic medicines which can help acute attack of sore throat are:--
Belladonna- This remedy corresponds to many sore- throats and can be taken when the throat is bright red and dry and the tonsils are swollen and enlarged with or with headache and fever.

Phytolacca –when the throat and tonsils are dark red with some white or yellow patch, with fever and headache.

Heper-sulp—when you have sharp splinter like pain in the throat and sensation as if there was a lump in the throat. Pus formation in the tonsils, fever with chill.

If the attacks are too frequent like 6 to 7 a year, then the constitutional drug will help you get better and reduce the attacks.



I get mild attacks or sore- throat which settles down without medicine within 2-3 days. I get such attacks 2-3 times a year. Do I need to take any treatment?


If you have mild sore- throat without fever and malaise and weakness, one should opt for majors for self care.

  1. Mix one forth teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water and gargle every few hours with this mixture, preparing it a fresh each time.
  2. Drink plenty of warm liquids such as tea or soup.
  3. Do not smoke at all.
  4. Avoid eating spicy or hot food and ice creams
  5. In such attacks, you do not need to take specific medicines. It seems that your body immune system is taking care of it without help of doctors.

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