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Case of Stomach Upset


I am 45 years old and have a very bad stomach upset after Ihad gastritis. I get acidity and gases., gases are more in the evening after I take my lunch. I get sour eructations after food. I was a non-vegetarian but because of my digestion problem , I have become vegetarian now. But still, I do not have any relief. I am taking antacid and have completed 2 antibiotic courses. Sometimes, I get nausea and stomach pain after food. Do you think you have any medicines in homeopathy to improve my digestion and get rid of my gases?


The causes of gastritis are:

  • regular prolonged use of aspirin and other anti-inflanmmatory drugs, especially the non-steriods.
  • regular intake of alcohol
  • food poisoning caused by stale food
  • heavy cigarette smoking

Late night sleep and stress can aggravate all the symptoms.

It seems that your digestion has become week after an attack of gastritis. Homeopathic medicines will definitly help you to improve your digestion and will reduce your gases and acidity.

Self care for improving digestions can be approached in number of ways.

  • Get a complete checkup before taking any medication.
  • Take time to eat slowly and chew your food throughly.
  • Drink more water
  • Stop drinking acidic juices
  • Stop smokingStop fried, spicy and heavy meals. Try and take low fat, light, easily digestable food atleast 3 times a day.
  • Do not stay hungry
  • include yougurt in your diet as it has lactobacillus which improves digestion

For stomach upset problem, there are too many medicine which can help reduce your acidity gases and stress.

Some common medicines which can help improve digestion are:--

Nux vomica, pulsattila, bryonia, china


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