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Case of Teething


My son has problems with teething. He is 5 months old. He had a week of diarrhea and fever. This is very unusual for him, because ordinarily he has normal stools. During this week, he was very irritable and also behaved clingier than usual. I had to carry him everywhere with me. If I tried to put him down, he would start crying. He is also very restless and gets up late at night. Will homeopathic medicines help his teething problems?


At the time of teething, irritation, loss of sleep, diarrhea with fever, restlessness and anger are the usual complains noted in children.

Teething is always uncomfortable, but some babies and toddlers feel more miserable than others. Such episodes begin when babies are four months old and occur until they are two years old or more. Babies are seen to be cranky or tearful, and seem to have a constant urge to press their gums or bite down hard on toys. Sometimes a teething baby refuses to eat or nurse. The stress and discomfort of teething can lower a child's resistance to infection. Runny noses, rashes on the chin, spitting up of swallowed saliva, or mild diarrhea can occur without infection. Any illness needs its own attention.

Homeopathic medicines are ideal for babies and children as they are gentle, yet highly effective. The highly diluted natural remedy is potentised and converted into homeopathic medicines.

Therefore these medicines are safe to use even for very young children. Besides that, homeopathy can also increase the immunity of your child which is helpful in the longer period.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, non-toxic and help relieve the pain and make the babies happier and healthier.

Teething becomes easier when they take homeopathic medicines. Some homeopathic medicines which help easy teething are:

Calcarea Phosphorica, Chamomilla, Calcarea Carbonica


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