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Case of Tendinitis


I play tennis 3 times a week. Recently, I have started feeling pain in my right hand and the doctor has diagnosed it as tendonitis. I have been taking 'Olfene' off and on for the past 6 months, but to no avail. The pain increases and decreases but does not go completely. I am fed up of taking these medicines. I am undergoing physiotherapy at the moment and have been advised to take a steroid injection. I was wondering if the use of homeopathic remedies can improve such a condition when used in conjunction with modern cures.


A tendon is a fibrous tissue at the end of a muscle that connects the muscle to the bone. Tendons are in many shapes and sizes. Some are very small, like the ones that facilitate movement in your fingers and some are much larger, such as the tendons in your heels. During normal functioning, these tendons glide smoothly on muscle contraction. However, if the tendon is overused, there is a possibility of the tendon getting inflamed.

The most common cause of tendonitis is the over usage of the inflicted tendon through repetitive motion from recreational, athletic, or occupational activities. The tendon is unaccustomed to these demanding levels and this overuse causes inflammation and tendonitis.

Sometimes, there is an anatomical cause for tendonitis. If the tendons do not have a smooth path to glide along, they will be more likely to become irritated and inflamed.

Tendonitis causes pain over the affected tendon, close to where it is connected to the muscle. The pain usually worsens with repetitive motion, but it can also be present at rest. A mild swelling can also develop over the tendon.

Unfortunately, tendonitis takes a few weeks or even a few months to heal, because the affected tendon is in constant use, and does not get enough rest. That is why doctors suggest you rest the affected area and even use a sling if possible.


  • Use proper techniques during sports or occupational activities.
  • Warm up and warm down before any vigorous playing activities, and also decrease overuse and repetitive motion of associated muscles.
  • Stop physical or occupational activities if there is any sign of pain.

You can certainly use homeopathic remedies alongside conventional medicines. But, as it is a chronic problem, healing takes time. Homeopathy is very much a holistic therapy and has no side effects at all and therefore can be continued for a longer period of time

These are the medicines which can help in tendonitis:

Ruta graveolens, Rhus Toxicodendron, Belladona


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