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Case of Ulcers


I am 45 year old and I am a healthy person. Still I keep getting Ulcers in my mouth and on the edges of my tongue. When I get the ulcers, I take B-complex for a week and it gets better. I do not smoke or drink. I have good food habits and generally I avoid junk food. My work is very stressful and I have to work 11 to 12 hours a day. Lately, I am getting ulcers every month and it stays for 8 to 10 day? Do you have any medicines to prevent it?


Small painful ulcers often with grey base and yellowish edge occurring inside the lips or cheeks , on the tongue or elsewhere in the mouth are also known as “apthous ulcers”. They can suddenly come and go for no reason and can make eating difficult. Recurrent ulcers may indicate

  • low Immunity
  • stress
  • vitamin deficiency
  • long working hours

It seems your problem has become chronic. There is a mechanism for self-healing within the human body. The body naturally resists infection and in time, gets better through mobilizing its own defense system, helped by rest, fresh air and right food. Homeopathic medicine acts as signal that energizes or stimulates the body's self healing powers, mobilizing the defense systems and working on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body .It slowly builds up the immunity of the body. The medicines are derived from plants, minerals, metal, nuts and other sources. These are put through a special process whereby they are serially diluted and potentised. Through this process of potentisation, no chemical or physical trace of the original substance remains. Therefore, the medicines are very dilute to give any side effects even if it is taken for a long period. Homeopathic medicines can give you permanent relief for your problem.

Some homeopathic medicines which can help you are:

Mercurius sol, Borax

Proper oral hygiene is of utmost importance in the treatment of ulcers. You should carefully brush your teeth and gums to remove any foul material after eating every meal.

In your case, mouth ulcers are often caused by lowered vitality, stress and inadequate nourishment. Occasionally, the problem may be related to some vitamin and B2 deficiency. If the ulcers coincide with feeling of run down, check that your diet is well balanced one. Include more fruits, vegetables and nuts in your daily diet and take more rest. No harm in taking vitamin supplements especially those which are high in vitamin C and B complex.


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