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Case of Urticaria


I am 30 years old and I am suffering form Urticaria since 2 months. I have consulted the skin specialist and was advised to take antihistamine and I was asked to put some steroidal cream. It gives me temporary relief but again I get map like rash all over the body which comes and goes anytime. It has intense itching which subsides after taking antihistamine. It has no particular pattern. I have done the allergy test and the result says that I am not allergic to anything. Can homeopathy help?


Urticaria is also called Nettle rash or Hives. It is a very common disorder, in which red, itchy map like bumps develop anywhere on the skin. These bumps sometimes have a white center of variable size and they join together to form a large, irregular map like patches. The patches clear within one day. Sometimes, it appears and disappears without much of a problem and settles down on its own. Sometimes, it stays for days and months.

Upto 20 % people have experienced urticaria at some time in their lives. There are several causes of urticaria. If the cause is known, then it becomes easier to treat it. In most cases, urticaria is harmless but irritating. It is often caused by allergies. Substances which trigger hives can come from many different sources. Common triggers include food, contact irritants, medicine, infection or illness, environment or stress.

Food such as shellfish, fish, milk, nuts, berries and food additives are the most common cause for urticaria. Some contact irritants which can bring on a reaction include animal dander, moth scales, animal saliva and insect bites and stings. Medicines, such as antibiotics often trigger hives. Whatever the cause may be, tension and stress of any kind usually make urticaria worse. Homeopathy offers promising results for chronic or recurring urticaria. It can take some time in chronic cases. Homeopathy is safe , works at the deeper level and develops the immunity. Some homeopathic medicine which can help urtciaria are:

Apis, Bovista, Rhus tox, Sepia .


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